360° Wellness
Juice Fasting Program

At the Rio Perlas Hotel a Tropical Garden Paradise
January 29th – February 6th, 2019

Program Overview

8 nights (9 day) stay at a
Tropical garden resort

Advanced detox
& body cleanse

The ultimate tropical
healing vacation

Healing and self
development workshops

Our signature juice fasting program is based on the protocol developed by world-renowned Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD and refined by Yoav Agmon through years of experience. This fasting protocol is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced fasting protocols since 2001.

Juice fasting, while relaxing in nature, provides extensive healing to the body, mind and spirit. You’ll gain the following benefits from this retreat:

  • Activates the self-healing power of the vital life force
  • Reestablished harmony with nature
  • Anti-diabetes effect by normalize blood sugar, leptin and insulin sensitivity
  • The digestive system is given a well-deserved rest
  • Increased energy level and vitality
  • Increased and improved mental clarity
  • Enhanced emotional, physical and spiritual sensitivity
  • Rapid and safe weight loss
  • Healing of chronic diseases
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced nasal stuffiness and congestion
  • Clearer skin and glowing complexion

La Maravilla 360 ° Wellness program is unique. Developed to provide an immersive experience, we provide opportunities to explore and heal the whole being. As the body detoxes, often we find participants detoxing old patterns, emotional injuries, destructive beliefs or beginning to picture a personal paradigm shift. Our team is here to listen and provide encouragement. We bring decades of life experiences and personal coaching/mentoring to assist you in the process. Our goal is for you to achieve wellness!

Program Leaders

Our experienced juice fasting team was trained by and practiced with Dr. Cousens for many years. The 9-day retreat is based on the format developed by Yoav Agmon at “People With Juice” and his experience of over 20 fasting retreats with over 1,200 international participants. Our team will be quick to share their life experiences in their personal and marital pursuit for wellness. The stories of the personal decisions for a lifestyle paradigm shift in Costa Rica and the dedication to seeking a different, healthier, and family focused lifestyle is sure to encourage and challenge you.

Yoav Agmon, Retreat Leader

Yoav Agmon is an international group leader with over 20 years of experience in holistic medicine. Yoav has been teaching in places like Ibiza, Greece, Turkey, Israel and the USA. Yoav is one of the worlds most experienced fasting retreat group leaders and has supported thousands of people during fasting retreats in the USA and the Dead Sea Israel since 2004. Yoav is co-founder of the Tree of Life Israel with Gabriel Cousens MD, the founder People with Juice and co-founder of the online stores DrCousensGlobal.com and HolisticPeople.org

Cyndi Dodick, Nutrition Counselor

Cynthia Dodick has been practicing in the healthcare field for over 30 years. She is a Licensed, Registered Occupational Therapist and has expanded her skills to include alternative and natural healing. She has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting her own natural gifts and intuitive abilities. Cyndi holds a degree and a license in Occupational Therapy and her educational background includes a Masters Degree in Education and a second Masters Degree in Vegan, Live Food Nutrition qualifying her as a Spiritual Nutrition Counselor. She is a Certified Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner who uses applied kinesiology to communicate with a client’s biofield and determine the best course of action for improving health and wellness. Also a Certified Nutri-Energetics Practitioner, Cyndi uses these modalities along with consultation and coaching to address the body’s physical need for nutrition, the condition of one’s energy field and it’s ability to assimilate nutrients to support healing.

Tamar Tsuberi, Colon Hydro Therapist

Tamar is a renowned nutrition and detox expert. She is a certified naturopath, iridologist, herbalist, aromatherapist and colon hydro therapist. Founder and manager of Aquatherapy LTD – a detox and rejuvenation center that is helping thousands of clients over 18 years of operation. Tamar is one of Dr Gabriel Cousens professional staff during his juice fasts retreats in Israel, and she was trained and participated in many of his detox retreats. Tamar is a leading colon hydro therapist in Israel – she founded the therapist association and teaches hydrotherapy in the most prestige wholistic schools in Israel. Tamar shares her expertise in a variety of workshops for detox professionals, published articles and interviews, both online and on the Israeli national radio.

Lee Manneberg, Life Coach

Lee is a brilliant natural leader with exceptional interpersonal skills. She is passionate about changing the world through education and personal example. Her parent coaching and by using her quick intuitive analysis of complex social situations, she has helped many to resolve conflicts and chart optimal resolution path.

Amnon Manneberg, Producer

Amnon is a truth seeker and collaborative leader. His pursuit is relentless in seeking truth and balance. His warm heart and encouraging aura creates a safe place for sharing feelings and being vulnerable.

Dates: January 29th – February 6th, 2019

Schedule & Program

Arrival & Orientation

Tuesday, January 29th


Arrival at Rio Perlas

2PM - 3PM

Room check-in

5PM - 6PM

Room check-in


Orientation meeting and fasting entrance

Full juice fasting days

January 30th – February 5th
Typical day schedule:


Juice serving


Morning talk, group guidance and monitoring


Yoga class




Juice serving

12:30PM - 3PM

Optional activity or free time


Juice serving


Activity or talk


Juice or soup serving

7:30PM - 9PM


Departure from Rio Perlas

Wednesday, February 6th


Organic Vegan Breakfast
Closing talk
Light activity


Organic Vegan Lunch



Standard and Luxury Packages

Pricing & Packages

Standard Suite

  • $2400 per person in a double occupancy Suite
  • $2900 per person in a private Suite

Luxury Suite

  • $2900 per person in a two-bedroom luxury suite (2 – 4 persons)
9 amazing days of wellness

What’s Included in the Package
(and what isn’t)

What's included in the price

  • 8 nights at Hotel Rio Pearls

  • 7 days of organic juices:

    fruit and vegetables or green juice. Served 4 times daily during the fast.

  • All you need for a great fasting retreat

    Basic fasting kit.

  • Trip to Agua Caliente Healing hot-springs and mud baths.

  • Airport pickup and drop off *

    (San Jose airport)

  • 3 private massage therapies

  • Daily Yoga / Tai Chi class

  • Daily Nutrition talk

  • The hotels tropical gardens offer variety of nature trails, hidden out door hot tubs, lots of outdoors quite meditation spots

* On January 29th and February 6th. We can help coordinate other dates, extra fees may apply.

What’s not included

  • Optional colonic hydrotherapy packages
  • Airfare and travel insurance
  • Optional advanced fasting kit, for extra detox effects. May include NCD2 (liquid zeolite), Illumodine (bio-available iodine), Rad Neut (radiation cleaning) and more.
  • Extra nights and services
  • Tips

More About Costa Rica & the Location

Agua Caliente Hot Springs - The renowned hot springs of Pura Pora (Rio Agua Caliente Cartago) are located only 14 km from the Rio Perlas Hotel, on the outskirts of Cartago. The thermal hot springs are considered a natural timeless treasure which has been rediscovered. As one of the world’s most famous historic hot springs, Agua Caliente has been an attraction for thousands of years. The rich attributes and healing powers of this natural wonder have made it a destination among seekers of relaxation and therapy, regarding it as the legendary 'Fountain of Eternal Youth'. The thermal waters reach a temperature of 55°C or 135°F. According to valuable expert opinion and quality chemical analysis of this thermal source, it is far superior to others in the world. There are many benefits for health to the bathers in these springs, from weak stomachs and liver, kidney pains to anemia, rheumatism, paralysis and various skin diseases. The water is also especially extraordinary and contains many health qualities when used as drinking water, including toxic cleansing and mineral balancing.

Hotel Río Perlas Spa & Resort - This exclusive resort is surrounded by tropical gardens of the rain and cloud forest. Hot spring waters are directed to secret pools throughout the gardens and explorers can bath in them or in the natural clear water stream of refreshing tropical water. The Natural Thermal pools in Rio Perlas are an excellent way to soothe the muscles and relax. Enjoy a daytime soak to warm and rejuvenate the whole family, or make a night time visit and marvel at the clear night sky as your worries and aches are gently soothed by the warm thermal waters. The resort has one large hot thermal pool, and another one with normal temperature – both has a bar with drinks and snacks. There is also a big impressive children’s pool.

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Accounting for only 0.03% of the earth’s surface, Costa Rica contains over 5% of the world’s biodiversity. The lush and wild natural environment can be experienced all throughout the country and is easily accessible from around the world. Costa Rica is a peaceful paradise. Costa Rica enjoys a very stable political climate and economic development, the country and its people have a peaceful disposition, which makes for the perfect place to enjoy health retreats. Costa Rica offers dreamlike landscapes, kind people willing to share their culture and a safe country to experience natural wonders. Costa Rica provides the perfect combination of relaxation, adventure, culture, fine cuisine and wildlife. Endless excitement for the adventure enthusiast, tranquil beaches to relax and meditate, and soothing natural hot springs are a few of the limitless opportunities in Costa Rica.

Can I Take This Fast?

Can I Take This Fast?

Nearly anyone can safely fast for 9 days. Please contact us with questions. If you are not sure if you could fast, please consult with us.

You cannot join this retreat if you have these conditions:

  • If you have Diabetes type-I or type-II with use of insulin. Type-II. who are not insulin-dependent can join this program at extra cost. Contact us for details.
  • If you are taking psychiatric medications or have mental disorders symptoms – please contact us.
  • Malnutrition or underweight
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If your medical, physical, emotional or mental condition requires nursing, personal or medical attention.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment and Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $600 is required to reserve your spot. The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to departure.

If cancellation takes place more than 30 days prior to our departure date any payments made will be refunded minus your deposit. If cancellation takes place between 15-30 days prior to our departure, 50% of the trip price will be forfeited. If cancellation takes place less than 15 days prior to our departure date, 100% of the trip price will be forfeited.

About Us

About Us

The mission of La Maravilla is to hold space for people on their journey to self-improvement through holistic lifestyle changes. We, here at La Maravilla, believe lasting positive change comes from a transformation of body, mind, and spirit. We have created an immersive experience for our guests, so they are free to explore better ways of being while they heal, learn, and meet other like-minded people on their path.

Our unique variety of methods and practitioners both nurture and challenge our guests as they are encouraged towards a more joyful and fulfilling life. This diverse exposure gives them the opportunity to feel completely supported as they examine themselves and put their own personal transformational goals into practice.

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